Efficient, Voice-Powered Data Collection

We're a voice-activated and customizable data collection app focused on improving the speed of remote, repetitive data collection while enhancing accuracy at the point of entry. Our cleaner, structured data helps increase the speed at which decisions and analysis can be made.   



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    Faster Remote Data Collection, Real-Time Transfer

    Share data directly from collection into your CRM or other company system. 

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    Improved Accuracy Through Built-In Playback

    Reduce human error through a system that plays back your company lingo and what it is recording. 

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    Accurate & Structured Data for Import

    Added consistency in how data is collected and shared across the company. 

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No, Your Phone Doesn't Already Do This. 

Sorry, it had to be said.

We're helping a wide variety of companies work to efficiently access their clean and structured data. It's not the same as voice-to-text. It's better. 

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We are currently enrolling users that span a number of roles and industries.

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