Voice-To-Data capture for AgriFood


Perform rapid inspections even if no Internet connection is available.


Accelerates data collection by up to 2.5X


Real-time error handling (up to 100% accuracy)


About Us

Our Story

AgVoice is a voice-to-data platform that empowers Food & Agriculture workers to perform… fast and accurate data analytics on-the-go.

The problem we’re solving is that organizations have difficulty capturing quality data and sharing that data. This problem affects the entire Agri-Food industry and this problem has grown exponentially as the industry has adopted more digital tools.


This on-site data collection that is so critical, to Food and Ag today… is done in an inefficient and time-consuming way, resulting in a major choke point in the food supply chain. This chokepoint also introduces more opportunities for the information to be corrupted.


A typical farming operation generates thousands data points per year that must be entered manually. This information is distributed across many different, disconnected ag platforms. It can take hours of data-entry to capture this information because there are currently no hands-free solutions that would enable this information to be captured in real-time. As a result, corners are often cut and data is incomplete or lost entirely.


We have a proven team with deep Ag, Tech and Speech track records with companies like IBM, Lenovo, AGCO Corporation, and Amazon.

Our Vision

AgVoice is uniquely positioned to unlock the full potential of digital ag by simplifying the capture of data in real-time at the source completely hands-free. We provide timely access to accurate and complete data and in doing so, we radically increase the rate of digital adoption in agriculture.


We are trusted experts in voice-to-data collection across a global network of partners who are among the largest seed, dairy, speciality and row crop organizations in the world.

AgVoice provides hands-free data entry & streamlined data management by verification at the source in real-time​. This means no manual data-entry on a mobile device or computer. And no late night sessions to get all the information entered. AgVoice is a simpler process that is both faster, more complete, and more accurate.


AgVoice is offered under a Software-as-a-Service model with options to fit the needs of a wide range of business sizes and operating models. 


Our solution is available as a native mobile app with no reliance on an internet connection and the phone never has to leave your pocket. We are customizing solutions for a wide range of agri-food specific applications including plant inspection and animal inspections. Our service is trained to recognize ag and food specific terms, even complex scientific terms. We can scale to meet any need.


In field results - we’re delivering 50% improvement in performance, 3X faster business decisions, and increased data accuracy to our partners.

Consumers are demanding more transparency within the food supply chain

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Integrated to simplify

AgVoice works with major Electronic Farm Record systems.

Designed for AgriFood Tech

We built AgVoice by listening to and working with industry professionals.


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