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Allow Us to Reintroduce Ourselves


AgVoice is Now Dexer

A  heads-up customized speech app and service that streamlines data collection and accessibility.
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    Expedited Data Collection, Real-time Transfer

    Share data directly from collection into your CRM or other company system. 

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    Improved Employee Safety and Satisfaction

    Heads-up data collection frees employees in their work to add efficiencies. 

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    Enhanced Accuracy Through Built-In Playback

    Reduce human error through a system that plays back your company lingo.

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    Simplified Tracking of Productivity, KPIs

    Added accountability in tracking key metrics ranging from employee performance to business health.

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We are currently enrolling users that span a number of roles and industries.


Our solutions solve challenges for a breadth of professions ranging from technical research to sales. We aim to deliver each of our audiences Data at the Speed of Voice.


Let’s meet the need of clean and structured data together. 

Ask Dexer How We Can Help