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About Us

AgVoice is the world's first voice-to-data service that empowers Food & Agriculture enterprises to capture fast, accurate, in-field insights on-the-go. We are a data analytics service that enables mobile users to conduct verifiable fast inspections, capture workflow, and compile reports for the Agri-Food supply chain quicker, safer, and more accurately than existing processes.

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Field Notes

AgVoice was created for the purpose of keeping "hands-free, eyes-free". Our patented software and voice recognition system is designed specifically for agricultural terms, and will give its users up to 100% accuracy with correctable data sets every time they enter the field.


  • Phone stays in the pocket
  • Eyes stay on the job
  • Works without cellular or internet connectivity
  • Notes are saved locally until reaching cloud signal

Faster, Safer, & More Accurate

Current data capturing methods typically require the user to stop the task at hand, look down at their paper or tablet, record their insights, and resume their task. AgVoice enables the user to stay on task without skipping a beat.

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The Problem
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