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Are your hands full?

AgVoice can help.

Ag professionals need their eyes and ears on the job at hand without disruption. Recording repetitive notes and completing work order forms need accurate data capture. That used to take time, money, and energy.

Not anymore.


How it works.

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Create your custom AgVoice form.

AgVoice creates every speech model specific to your needs. Why should you care? Here's why:

              - Higher accuracy
              - More efficiency
              - No more repeating yourself
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Drop your notebook or tablet.

Keep your phone in your pocket and speak your notes.

We'll do the rest.

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Upload, Unload, &  Download

AgVoice works entirely offline until you decide to upload your notes.

             1. Press the upload button
             2. View and sort your data on the Web Portal
             3. Download your data they way you like it


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